How to Build A NFT Airdrop for the Chia Blockchain

You'll want a full list of NFTs that will be airdropped. For this post, I'm going to use any remaining LOOMIES in my wallet.

First we'll use and the Collection option to get a full list of NFT IDs.

Copy the results to the clipboard.

Collection Results

In the Owner Wallet section, paste in the Collection results.

Once we have the Owner Wallet addresses, we'll save off the CSV file.

Owner Details - Results

Let's make a second copy of it, the first will be the NFTs to airdrop. The second will be the XCH addresses for the drops.

The first file, I will keep the ones that I know are in my wallet. I should be able to tell this by the owner wallet address.

Then delete any others from that first file. Now we have the list of NFT IDs to airdrop.

In the second file, remove the items that are in my wallet. That should leave a list of all other owners.

Now I would use Google Sheets to create an airdrop list. Grab the list of NFT IDs from the first file and paste into a spreadsheet.

Then grab the list of XCH addresses from the second file and paste into the next column of the spreadsheet.

In Google Sheets, highlight all contents of the second column (from the first cell to the last and everything in between).

From the Menu choose Data - Randomize Range. This will scramble the owners and randomize which match up with an NFT ID.

You can run the randomize as many times as you like.

The final result should be a list of NFT IDs to XCH addresses. (you may have more XCH addresses. You can just delete the extras.)

You should swap the columns so the XCH address is first and the NFT ID is the second column.

Save off the file and name it "airdrop.csv"

Now I have an airdrop Bash script that you can use to send all of the NFTs out.

Linux -

Windows -

We'll want to edit the top section of the script and fill in our details for the FEE to use, what the FINGERPRINT is,

the WALLET ID for the LOOMIES, and the number of seconds to wait between each transfer.